Niels Benedikter

Itinerant Quantum Math Meetings: (bi-weekly seminar)

Research Interests

I'm an associate professor at the University of Milan (Statale). I work in the field of mathematical physics.

The focus of my work is on the mathematically rigorous derivation of effective theories for quantum many-body systems. Examples are the Gross-Pitaevskii and Bogoliubov theories of Bose-Einstein condensates, Hartree-Fock theory for fermionic many-body systems, spin wave theory for the ferromagnetic Heisenberg model, and the random phase approximation describing emergent bosonic excitations in the Fermi gas.

From spring 2022, I hold an ERC Starting Grant (FermiMath: The Mathematics of Interacting Fermions).



Università degli Studi di Milano
Dipartimento di Matematica
Via Cesare Saldini 50
20133 Milano
Office:1024 (1st floor)
E-mail:niels.benedikter "[a t]"
Phone:+39 02503 16111
UniMi page: Chi & Dove
Thesis Topics

If you are looking for a topic for a bachelor, master or PhD thesis, you're welcome to contact me by email (or drop by my office, corona situation permitting). Possible topics range over bosonic and fermionic quantum many-body systems and quantum spin systems, depending on your interest and previous experience.

Online Researcher Profiles

Milano is well connected to most of Europe by rail. International connections include high-speed trains from Frankfurt and Zurich, ThellO intercity services from Marseille and Nice, as well as night trains from Paris, Munich, and Vienna. I particularly recommend to travel comfortably and with small carbon footprint in a sleeper compartment on an ÖBB Nightjet. For more information, please consult Seat61. Within Italy, Milano is most efficiently reached by high-speed train; there are two competing companies, running Frecciarossa and Italo services. As an exotic but very comfortable option, including a very good restaurant car, there is a Russian train from Nice via Milan, Vienna, and Warsaw to Moscow (and return) once a week.

To reach the mathematics department in Milan, take the green metro line (ticket for 2 Euro from the station "Porta Garibaldi" or "Centrale") to the metro stop "Piola". Find the direction to Piazza Leonardo da Vinci/Politecnico, cross the square and continue straight. After a left turn, find the entrance to the department on your right (map).
Some trains, for example the ÖBB Nightjet, stop also at the smaller train station "Lambrate". From there you can either walk directly to the department (21min), or take the tram 19 around Piazza Leonardo da Vinci to the stop "Via Pascoli" and walk from there (6min), or take the bus 93 to Piazzale Gorini (Istituto Dei Tumori) and walk from there (3min). Same ticket price.

Many (but not all) international and national rail tickets to Milano can be bought on Trainline (or ask me).